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Education | Prostate Cancer Awareness

An initiative of the DGL Community Outreach & Charity Committee. Led by Bro. G. S. Grannum

According to WHO data published in 2018, Prostate Cancer deaths in Barbados reached 165 or 5.99% of total deaths, the age adjusted death rates is 76.51 per 100,000 of population ranks Barbados third in the world. Having reviewed each death registration citing prostate cancer over a 14-year period commencing January 1995, there were 1,101 new cases for an incidence rate of 160.4 per 100,000 (standardized to the US population). Comparable rates in African-American and White American men were 248.2 and 158.0 per 100,000 respectively. During this 14-year period, research found that prostate cancer mortality rates in Barbados ranged from 63.2 to 101.6 per 100,000, compared to 51.1 to 78.8 per 100,000 among African Americans.

It has been found that prostate cancer risks are lower in Caribbean-origin populations than previously believed but mortality rates appeared to be higher than reported in African-American men. Despite the importance of prostate cancer as a cause of ill health and mortality in the Caribbean and in Barbados, information about disease rates, risk factors, and the clinical and public health implications can be improved. Clinical and public health approaches to improve detection of disease in order to reduce the high mortality rates currently experienced are also required.

Some studies suggest that Barbados is leading prostate cancer numbers in the Caribbean.

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