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Lodges in The District

105 Years and Strong

The District Grand Lodge of Barbados comprises six (6) member lodges.

Each Lodge maintains and manages its own affairs under their Master.


A Brief History

As a fraternal organisation, Freemasonry was introduced to the island in 1740 by Alexander Irvine (c. 1694-1743). Throughout the past 178 years Scottish Freemasonry has flourished in Barbados. Lodge Scotia No. 340 was founded in 1844, Lodge Thistle No. 1014 was founded in 1906 and Lodge St. John No. 1062 was founded in 1909. The three Lodges came together and as constituent Lodges formed The District Grand Lodge of Barbados in 1917. The District Grand Lodge continues to grow and thrive.

Craft Lodges

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